What's "Make an offer"
If you feel you don't have the time or inclination to participate in
the auction, yet want to purchase a particular domain name, you might
want to consider taking your chances by submitting an offer to buy a
particular domain name at a price you designate.

Unlike clicking "BUY", "Make an Offer" isn't considered binding, unless
you specifically state otherwise.  But, it is certainly going to increase
your chances of getting the domain name.

An offer may be made at any time in the auction up to the time your price
is reached, as long as the domain name has not been removed from auction
or sold.  Offers can also be made on domain names not currently being

If the domain name is not sold at a price above your offer, the auction
will stop at the price you have formally offered.

To make an offer, use the "Make Offer" link on any individual domain 
page or click here.