More details on domain name transfer.
Most of our domain names are currently registered through Bulkregister.  
We are permitted to act as their agent and directly update the domain's
information for you.  After we receive final payment, we will change the 
"whois" registration information of the domain to match your name and address, 
or whatever other name(s) and address(es) you prefer, on the "registered to:" 
field as well as all "contact" fields.  

We will also be able to change the DNS so that your new domain name will 
"go live" to your official website.  This change will take 1 to 3 days 
to execute through the internet.  We can also redirect traffic from our 
current server to yours to make the process virtually instantaneous.  You 
will then be the owner of record for your new domain name.  

At this point, you can continue to have the domain registered
through us for a maintenance fee of just $25 per year, or you
can contact any registration service you wish to transfer the
domain to an account directly under your control.  Registration
services will generally charge you their annual $35 per year fee
and contact the owner of record to verify the approval of the
transfer.  Since we will have already changed all the contact
information to reflect your information, the person they will
contact for verification will be YOU.  After you confirm your
own request, the domain will then be registered to you.  You 
will then have exactly the same type of control and ownership
of the domain as if you were the domain's first and only owner.  
You will be able to renew it, point it to anywhere you want, 
change the contact information, sell it to someone else, 
transfer it to yet another registrar, etc. except as noted above.

In order to proceed, we need you to forward payment.  Please 
refer to our payment chart for what payments we accept.